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Hi, I am Cassie, Nice to Meet You

Visual Communicator,



As a visual communicator, I am passionate about creating effective communication that resonates with diverse audiences in inclusive, collaborative, and creative environments. I am skilled at working with video and audio presentations, photography, and design, using my expertise in these areas to effectively convey messages and evoke emotional responses in viewers.

My background is interdisciplinary, I deeply commit to bring the knowledge of combining academic, scientific, and artistic disciplines to the work environment. In my graduate research, I developed interested in quantitive research, strategic marketing and data visualization to become a better storyteller. I aim to utilize cutting edge technology to help journalism to deliver objective information to its readership. 

I love to work in dynamic and creative environments, where I can stay challenged and overcome obstacles.

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Why Journalism?

Journalism has been a passion of mine from a young age. By the age of 8, I would wear a red vest and carry a recording pen to interview people around me. Now, after studying and working in the field, I am passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the accuracy and impact of journalism.

Why Visual Communication?

I have a strong interest in visual communication and am passionate about using my creative skills to effectively convey messages through social media. I am a determined and persistent worker who enjoys solving problems, with strong interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with others in a professional setting.

Why Data Storytelling?

I'm passionate and curious about state of the art technology, and I aim to use data to tell stories that are engaging and impactful. I driven by the mission of leveraging my skills to develop innovative solutions that help journalists overcome the challenges of the digital age.



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