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I have dedicated myself to discovering compelling stories that no one has told before. From unexplored places to unknown individuals, I am always on the lookout for new and fascinating subjects to explore. By using a journalistic practice, I have published numerous pieces that inform, entertain, and inspire readers.

Published Articles 

Research Writings


The Implications of Oracle v. Google on Fair Use for API:
A Critical Analysis

Question​Whether the United States Supreme Court's decision in Oracle v. Google adequately considered the broader implications of its narrow interpretation of fair use in the context of software?

Method: I conducted a detailed analysis of the legal fair use principles that guided the Supreme Court's decision, as well as the broader economic and social implications of the ruling. I drew on legal precedent, industry practice, and technique support to backup my argument.

Findings: After conducting extensive research on the Google v. Oracle case, I identified an opportunity to convey a comprehensive and accurate representation of this historic intellectual property case. To achieve this goal, I delved into the technical aspects of the case and explored how they contributed to the groundbreaking legal outcome. The resulting analysis provides a clear and accessible explanation of the case, illustrating the significant legal and technical implications of this landmark decision.


Analyze Facial Recognition Machine Learning

Question​How can CNN be used for facial recognition and analysis of facial expressions?

Method: I conducted extensive research on machine learning using Python, specifically focusing on the utilization of the CNN module for investigating facial recognition and facial expression analysis. My analysis involved the examination of import libraries, the training of classification models, and the use of the TensorFlow module.


Findings: Through my research, I gained a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses associated with utilizing the CNN module for machine learning applications, particularly for the analysis of facial recognition and expressions.


Support Local AI News Content Creator Act of 2022

Question: How can we support local AI news content creators?

Method: I conducted extensive research on the legislative landscape regarding the regulation of AI technology and deepfake technology. Additionally, I interviewed legislative officials and lawyers to gather their viewpoints on AI technology. Moreover, I studied how journalism uses AI technology

Findings: I drafted a bill aimed at supporting local newsrooms in their utilization of AI technology. I also discovered that AI technology can be used to create more efficient and accurate news content, especially for local news outlets that may have limited resources. My proposed bill provides a framework for supporting these local news content creators through funding, tax incentives, and legal protections, while also setting guidelines for the responsible use of AI in news reporting.

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