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Immersive Documentary

I designed a 360-degree video project to document the experience of an Asian market grocery delivery for international students during the pandemic, utilizing 360-degree cameras and editing software to piece together the footage and create a seamless and immersive story.




360 Camera Documentation: An Immersive Look at Asian Supermarket Delivery



By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, I was able to capture a truly immersive experience that allowed viewers to feel as though they were right there alongside the delivery workers. Throughout the project, I worked closely with my partner to determine the most approachable supermarket and delivery route, and to plan out the documentation process with the 360 video camera. I was also able to leverage my familiarity with new technology to solve problems and make adjustments on the spot.




The end result was a visually stunning and highly engaging documentation of the Asian supermarket delivery experience, showcasing the sights and sounds of this often overlooked but essential job from every angle. Overall, this project highlighted my creativity, adaptability, and technical skills, and I am excited to continue exploring new ways to use innovative technology to capture and share unique perspectives.

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