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Data Visualization

Question: How does song lyrics reflect people attitude towards social media 

Design: I begin with data collection from various sources covering a span of 55 years. I used data filtering to eliminate irrelevant lyrics, followed by the application of various visualization techniques, such as word clouds, bar charts, and plot analysis. I uncovered patterns in the lyrics, with social network analysis, identifying the most frequently used words and visualizing their connections to other words. 

Result: I uncovered the pattern of how song lyrics reflect people' attitude on social media. Specifically, my analysis indicated that rapper and country music genres are more likely to contain reflections on social media, compared to pop music. This finding sheds light on how different musical genres can serve as a barometer of social sentiment towards technology, and highlights the value of exploring such topics through diverse cultural artifacts.

Digital Marketing Consult

Question: How can digital marketing campaigns improve social media engagement? 

Design: In 2021, I joined YGGBI consulting firm as a consultant where I worked with renowned clients such as Sanrio and Swarovski to provide insights and guidance on increasing social media exposure, improving brand awareness, and developing investment business plans. Using social media metrics such as likes, shares, and followers, I monitored and analyzed the effectiveness of various strategies and recommended improvements to the clients.

Result: By developing and maintaining relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and implementing publicity delivery strategies, I successfully increased brand exposure and reached new audiences for my clients. Overall, my efforts led to improved social media engagement and increased success in achieving clients' business objectives.

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Survey Research

Question: Whether the inclusion of cues such as the presence of a scientific expert or the use of scientific language influences viewers' perceptions of the scientific accuracy and reliability of TikTok videos?

Method: As part of the larger group project, I was responsible for the survey research section. I conducted a comprehensive literature review on the topics of credibility cues on social media, the persuasiveness of scientific evidence, and public trust in science. Based on the literature review, I collaborated with my team members to design a survey questionnaire that assesses source evaluation and perceptions of credibility and trust in science. The survey instrument includes questions that examine the impact of credibility cues, such as the presence of a scientific expert, on participants' evaluations of the scientific accuracy and reliability of information presented on social media.

Findings: These findings have direct applications for social media users and health communication professionals in how they choose to communicate on social media platforms like TikTok. It can also serve as a call to action for more guidance among users of TikTok – especially young people. This paper is successfully  submitted to IRB and currently under review for publishing. 

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